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Swimmers Wellness Shampoo

Swimmers Wellness Shampoo


The pool is great for your body, but terrible for your hair! This is the ultimate swimmers' shampoo to tackle everything the pool throws your way. Experience healthier hair with more shine, swing, and body, without the harsh ingredients found in others!


Removes pool elements, including chlorine and copper

Combats crunchy, gummy, dry, brittle hair

Retains hair’s natural oils for maximum moisture and shine

Prevents and removes green hair

Restores hair texture affected by chlorine

Gentle and effective without sodium thiosulfate or other harsh ingredients


Sulfate-free surfactant technology

Antioxidant complext to defend against aggressive oxidizers

NO: sulfates, sodium thiosulfate, parabens, gluten or addedsodium chloride (salt)

Key wellness ingredients


Provitamin B5

Flax protein

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