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Wedding Services

One of our favourite and most rewarding services as a Hair Stylist.

Someones Wedding Day is a day they will hold close to there hearts as life goes on. It is a privilege to be apart of any moment of the day wether your a Guest, a Photographer, a Hairdresser or a Family member. Our part is to do our job to the highest standard and more. We are not only there to create beautiful wedding hair but we are also there to create a calm atmosphere & help you in any way possible. We take pride in our Wedding work, and like to create good communication to ensure you " We've got you" and no ask is too high. With this we like to cover all bases with a proper (Consult Appointment) & practical trial. Please remember when booking your Bridal trial that you have with you pictures of your Dress, Theme, Flowers Etc so we can give out the best advice and have a true understanding on our final goal.

- Katie

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